Internet Sharing in JIO Phone

Hotspot Setting in JIO Phone

Is there any hotspot setting in JIO Phone?

No, according to the JIO Phone specification and official press releases, there was no mention of JIO Phone having hotspot feature. JIO Phone provides internet through Wifi option but you cannot share internet from JIO Phone to other phones through Wifi hotspot.

JIO Phone internet sharing claim is false.

There is no wifi hotspot feature in JIO Phone.

However, it is being said that the hardware of the JIO Phone does support hotspot and so it is probable that in future updates, you might be able to download hotspot setting in JIO phone. If so, it will enable you to use hotspot in JIO Phone and share internet.

There are no direct Internet sharing option available in JIO Phone as it is being said. You can also use Jio Share App Download in Jio Phone

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