Internet Sharing in JIO Phone

JIO Phone Internet Share Trick

How to share internet from JIO Phone?

Does JIO Phone support Hotspot? Well, it doesn’t. JIO Phone doesn’t have hotspot setting. But you can probably share internet from JIO Phone using following method.

Now we’ve not tested it but JIO Phone may help you in sharing data from phone to PC through USB cable. If yes, here is a way you can use to share internet from JIO Phone.

Try connecting to internet using USB Cable and share internet from JIO Phone to PC.

After that, you need to download UC Browser and install Wifi sharing in UC browser. It allows you to share Internet from PC using hotspot.

So UC hotspot can share you laptop’s internet which is actually JIO Phone’s internet connection.

So this is how you can do JIO Phone internet sharing through USB, and wifi hotspot of UC browser.

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