JIO Phone Whatsapp Download (Browser Ling)

Learn how to download Whatsapp App for JIO Phone and use JIO Phone Whatsapp through browser link.

Whatsapp is an application which acts as a messaging social network and allows you to chat over two phones through Internet. Using whatsapp on Android phone, Windows and iOS is easy. But on JIO Phone, Whatsapp doesn’t work directly.

So here is detailed guide about using Whatsapp on JIO Phone. Learn more about JIO Phone Whatsapp method here.

JIO Whatsapp Download

To use JIO Phone Whatsapp, you need to download JIO Whatsapp Application. The App is not available for direct download. So in order to use JIO Whatsapp Application, you will first have to follow these steps.

How to download Whatsapp for JIO Phone?

The JIO Whatsapp App works through this website called . The Browser Ling website allows you to browse any website on JIO Phone making it look like you are using on PC. So when you use whatsapp on Browser ling through JIO Phone, the JIO Phone Whatsapp App opens in the browser.

Here is complete guide about downloading JIO Whatsapp App and using on JIO Phone.

Download JIO Phone Whatsapp Application

First of all, you need to have Whatsapp running in an android Phone. For that, go to play store and download Whatsapp for Android. After you have download Whatsapp for Android phone, create an account on Whatsapp. You can then use Whatsapp on JIO Phone through browserling easily.

Whatsapp JIO Phone App Download

JIO Phone Whatsapp Through Browserling

Using Whatsapp On JIO Phone

How to use Whatsapp JIO Phone App?

Follow these steps to use JIO Whatsapp app through Whatsapp web and Browser Ling –

  1. Run Whatsapp on Android Phone.
  2. Now in JIO Phone, open browser and type – Browser Ling, search for it.
  3. On the first link, you will see . Click on it.
  4. Now in the URL box at Browser Ling, enter .
  5. On Whatsapp web, you will see a QR Code.
  6. Open whatsapp on Android phone, and click on menu option in the right up corner.
  7. Select Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code on JIO Phone.
  8. You will see Whatsapp messages there in JIO Phone.
  9. Browser Whatsapp for JIO there.

So this is how you can easily browse Whatsapp for JIO Phone.

All you need to do is to download JIO Whatsapp on Android phone through play store. The information provided above included browserling whatsapp download & browser ling whatsapp download jio phone. Also you can use it with Kaios Whatsapp Download in Jio Phone