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Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock – App Download

Jio phone is really a featured phone with so many features and apps. Two years ago Reliance Jio launched a very affordable Jio Phone to ensure everyone is connected to the internet and necessary services in this era of digitalization.

Before we tell you about the fingerprint lock, here’s all you need to know about its operating system, KaiOS, and the version of Jio Phone you’re using.


Now 2019 is almost over and we have seen Jio Phone work absolutely fine and negligible complaints about its quality and making. Happy with the public reaction, Jio launched Jio Phone 2 which comes with improved battery life and performance, horizontal display experience and QWERTY keyboard.

Which Version Are You Using?

Jio Phone was first launched in July 2017. Since then, it has come a long way and there have been many improvements. There’s a chance that you might be using a different version of the phone or its operating system than you think.

Jio Phone 1 – First Launch

Jio Phone 2

Jio Phone 3

Jio Phone 3 is soon arriving, and it is expected to be a touch screen phone. Rumour has it, that Jio Phone 3 will be a smartphone with a 5.5 touch screen display, powered with Android v8.1, Oreo, and priced generously at INR 1500.


Expected Special Features

  1. Face Unlock
  2. Fingerprint Unlock

While we can’t wait to see Jio Phone 3, it is not out yet.

What is KaiOS?


With little difference in features, both of the phones work on an operating system called KaiOS. KaiOS is a US-based company and it has made this operating system based on Linux, KaiOS. It is believed to be an arm of Firefox and discontinued in 2019. KaiOS makes apps for features phone which do not support android. Now, because of KaiOS, you can use apps like Whatsapp and Facebook and even Jio Pay on a keypad phone. KaiOS has made it possible.


Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock Download

The fingerprint sensor is not a new thing in the world of smartphones though it’s quite useful and always evolving. While in smartphones you use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone, we are here to discuss fingerprint apk since there is no fingerprint sensor in Jio Phone.

It’s been rumoured that you can turn your Jio Phone rear camera into a fingerprint sensor. That’s not possible because, while the rear camera is okay to take images, it is not so powerful as to read such fine details as on fingerprints of people.

Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk


So the other option is to download JioPhone fingerprint apk. But even the apk file, if installed will need a fingerprint sensor to work.

Fingerprint Lock App apk Download

While You can’t use fingerprint lock on JioPhone, here’s the link you can use to download it on your smartphone

Download Fingerprint apk.

Also read, Jio Phone Face Lock.

If you want the latest updates about Jio and it’s apps or phones, make sure to visit us again. We’re to help you with the updates and devices, the services and disclose the rumours if any.

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