JIO Whatsapp Browser Ling

What is Browser Ling for Whatsapp in JIO Phone?

Browser Ling is a website based browser which allows you to use desktop websites on phone. In JIO Phone, if a user wants to use Whatsapp, he or she can use JIO Whatsapp Web through Browser Ling.

All they need to do is to install Whatsapp on another Android phone and then register their number on the Whatsapp.

After that, they have to access Browser Ling through JIO Phone browser.

Open Internet in JIO Phone and then switch on Data Connection.

After that, in the URL box, type and visit the Browser Ling website.

In that website, there is a URL option to enter the address of Whatsapp Web. Go to on JIO Phone through Browser Ling.

After that, browser ling makes JIO Phone think that the website is being accessed on a laptop or desktop. Thus the Whatsapp web gives a QR code to scan in Android Phone.

Scan the QR code and open Whatsapp in browser ling through JIO Phone internet.