Jiofi Check Balance- How to Check Net Balace in Jiofi Router

Many of you might be using one of the Best Wi Fi Routers, JioFi. While we get SMS on our phones which keep us updated about the data usage and balance of the SIM in our phone, often we are not aware of the balance left in our JioFi router. Friends, here I’m going to tell you two different ways by which you can check your JioFi balance and plan validity.

  1. Using JioFi Local Html
  2.  Using My Jio App

Check JioFi Balance Through Jio Fi Local Html

If you know your Jiofi username and password you can sig into JioFi local Html page. But if you don’t know your login credentials, do not panic, we’re here to help with that too!

First, let us tell you how to log in to the Jio web server page though.

How to Log In Jio Web Server Page

Follow these simple steps to log in to JioFi local Html page

  1. Open your browser
  2. Paste this link


or hold and click it to open in a new tab directly from here.

  1. Enter your JioFi username and password and log in.

When you’re inside, you’ll see the usage stats, how much data you’ve uploaded and downloaded using this router. It’ll give you an approximate idea of how much of your daily internet data you have consumed and you can, consequently, calculate the balance left.

How to Know Your JioFi Username and Password

Often you’d have seen some texts scribbled over the sticker of your JioFi device when you removed the battery. Look closely, there’s where you’ll find JioFi Username and Password. Do not mistake JioFi Bar Code with username and password.


How to Check JioFi Balance By Using My Jio App

This is a more accurate way to check your JioFi balance. Download My Jio app on your smartphone and log in using JioFi credentials. If you’ve already installed on your smartphone using another Jio SIM, log out and then do as told above. When you open the app, you’ll see everything like data usage, the validity of the plan, etc.

Finally, if you realize its time for you to recharge your JioFi, here’s JioFi Plans to help you.


JioFi Plans

It’s not much different or hard. Just like your smartphone, there’s a SIM in your JioFi router too. Go top My Jio App and see the suitable plans for you or go to a nearby shop to recharge your JioFi router using the phone number of SIM inside the router. Take a look at these plans to help you choose the one.

Hopefully, now you know more about checking your JioFi balance and plan validity. Also check out our article on one of the best Wi Fi routers yet, JioFi 5. Stay in touch to get the latest updates on Jio and everything about it.

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