How to Send Stickers on WhatsApp in Jio Phone – Emoji Trick Download

How to Send Stickers on WhatsApp in Jio Phone

Jio phone sticker: Stickers are the the nicest way of expressing your mood and expressions to anyone. It is very popular today, people used to send stickers instead of saying the whole sentence. There are many and different kind of stickers are available today in mobiles. Every social media app have its own interesting and funny kind of stickers and emojis. Now we are going to tell you how these emojis and stickers can be used in jio phone to share with your friends and loved ones.

Jio phone whatsapp sticker

As we all know that Jio phone is  one of the cheapest and affordable mobile with 4G service available to us. It is a feature phone with lots of features like auido recording, video recording, listening music and also the social apps like facebook , whatsapp. Like emojis stickers is the good way of expressing your mood or sending a quick text to reply any question. Below we have provide you information about how to use emojis and stickers from your jio phone. You can download whatsapp via Browser Ling too.

How to send emoji in whatsapp in jio phone

For sending emoji in whatsapp from your jio phone follow the given steps :

  • Enable your jio phone mobile data.
  • Go to menu and open whatsapp.
  • Select the contact to whom you want to send emoji frpm your jio phone.
  • After opening the selected contact you will find a emoji icon below your jio phone screen.
  • Select the icon and send the emoji whichever you want to send to your selected contact.Jio phone whatsapp sticker

Download emoji for jio phone

If you are unable to find emoji in your whatsapp then from the following steps you can easily use the emojis to send to your friends-

  • Turn on your jio phone mobile data.
  • open menu and select jio share app.
  • Open jio share app and select login.
  • Now select the contact you want to send emoji.
  • You will find a emoji icon in the bottom.
  • Open it and select your favorite emoji to send.
  • You can also download the emoji from the browser and use it from the the gallary with the help of jio share app.

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