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Solved : JIO TV Something Went Wrong

Learn how to solve JIO TV something went wrong error in JIO Phone.

If you are using JIO Phone or other smartphone on JIO network, sometimes, you get this error in JIO TV – Something went wrong. Here is solution to this problem.

To solve JIO TV something went wrong error, following solutions are available –

  1. Turn off data and restart 4G internet connection.
  2. Clear all background apps and start JIO TV again.
  3. Clear cache of running apps through CC Cleaner app.
  4. Go to app setting and clear data of JIO TV.
  5. Open My JIO Apps and check for JIO balance.
  6. Sometimes, JIO TV doesn’t work on WIFI, use JIO network.

So using these simple methods, you can solve the JIO TV something went wrong error online.

If you are unable to solve the problem, you can comment below or contact JIO Phone customer care service.

JIO TV problems happen because of phone or network issues. Please check the connectivity of your phone.

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