Watching JIO TV in JIO Phone

Solved: Please wait while we load JIO TV for you

JIO TV Error – Please wait while we load JIO TV for you – solved.

There are many times when you are trying to watch JIO TV live on your JIO Phone or 4g smartphone. But it shows you the error and JIO TV loading problem occurs. So how to solve JIO TV Loading error?

To solve JIO tv loading error, do the following –

  1. Go to Apps in Settings.
  2. Now visit All apps.
  3. Open downloaded apps section.
  4. Go to JIO TV in the menu.
  5. Go to storage option.
  6. Click on Clear cache.
  7. Click on Clear Data.
  8. Restart JIO TV.

After doing this, you will be able to run JIO Tv on JIO Phone without any problem. JIO TV loading error will not come again.

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